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    Inspire people
    and improve performance

    A radically common sense approach to developing your people

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    Leadership programmes
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  • Future fit

    The skills and behaviours that are around today aren’t likely to be the ones needed for tomorrow, so our team leader and manager programme focuses on ‘mental fitness’ and motivation.

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    Motivate and lead!

    We offer one to one Executive Coaching that gets immediate results for leaders and teams. Our programmes can last from 3 months to over a year, with a structured approach to realising objectives, step by step.

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    Engage and create value

    Engagement is the key to unlocking performance, so communication, leadership, employee involvement and getting those ideas flowing is what matters. Choose a programme to suit your organisation.

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    Why we believe in Inclusive Leadership…

    Discussions about leadership, who leads, how they do it and why, have been around since the beginning of time and there are so many leadership theories that even those of us who study the field can get tired of all the chatter.  However after many years of working alongside leaders and practising leadership myself, I now know the kind of leadership my company represents (funnily enough it was in the name all along but read ‘The Story’ in Who We Are to find out why it didn’t pop out earlier).

    Inclusive leadership is not just about creating better leaders.  It helps teases out the models they use (and most leaders often fail to articulate their model or mindset) its also about the people they lead, how it all happens and how we need to ensure that no one is excluded.  Its Inclusive because an Inclusive leader is visibly committed to diversity (in its widest possible sense and this includes diverse thinking), is humble and culturally intelligent.  Hey, not only that they also get business done and will probably be a systems thinker as well!

    In addition we support equality, women’s leadership, getting more unusual people into top positions, gender pay reporting and bigger life chances for all.

    If you want to come on the journey read this, because despite it looking ordinary the way we do it is different: –

    EXECUTIVE LEADERSHIP COACHING – using Inclusive Leadership principles. One to one sessions, ongoing programmes, deep insights to develop talent and help with succession planning.  Strategic thinking and assistance with making things happen

    LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT – leadership thinking, team leader development, high performance principles and business improvement

    STRATEGIC BUSINESS PLANNING – all aspects of business growth, re-structuring or a change in direction made simple

    In our view everyone in an enterprise should be there to create value, foster innovation and seek high performance but above all enjoy the ride!  

    We partner ambitious CEOs, business owners, senior managers and team leaders to deliver something different.

    Is this true for you:

    • managers too busy to manage their people?
    • issues being solved but not well enough?

    Then you have “good” but not “great” and it’s time to:

    • change people’s expectations and mindsets
    • invest in more leadership to raise the bar
    • generate solutions and set bigger and more ambitious objectives.

    ‘When we contacted Carolyn, we needed a seasoned pro to help us make sense of some pretty complex issues to enable us to continue our growth successfully. From our first meeting she ‘sussed out’ our challenges incredibly quickly and has enabled us to crystallize and implement a plan of action that we had been battling with for quite some time.’

    Alex Bobba, European Director, BPA

    ‘Excellent training course, I thoroughly enjoyed it and approach things differently now.  I was genuinely delighted with how good it was.’

    Course delegate