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  • Leadership – it’s not just about the score

    Businesses and organisations are first and foremost living communities of people who work to get things done; the bigger the purpose and the greater the demands, the higher performance will be.  There are a lot of consultants in the UK now talking about ‘high performance’ but having worked with this concept for about 7 years, I still haven’t seen or read anything that convinces me that it is radically new or that anyone has the answer to the question: ‘What is high performance’.  In simple terms it’ll be different in every business/organisation and every sector, but how do you aim for it and know when its been reached?  If you are a leader  you could become fooled into thinking its all about turnover, profit (or EBITDA) or KPIs, but that is short sighted and they are just metrics.  Top sports performers and team managers know that it’s not ‘just about the score’.  You have to put into place a culture, a way of succeeding, a level of purpose and attainment that encourages your people to follow where you lead; high performance won’t just happen on its own.  I think the journey should be rewarding and it should be fun.  Share your ideas too.

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