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  • Tony Robbins is not everyone’s idea of a coach but you have to hand it to him, he really knows his onions – spend a few days with him in London’s Excel Centre along with 5000 other people from acround the world and you truly come away with a perspective on action and achievement.   […]

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    Leadership – it’s not just about the score

    Businesses and organisations are first and foremost living communities of people who work to get things done; the bigger the purpose and the greater the demands, the higher performance will be.  There are a lot of consultants in the UK now talking about ‘high performance’ but having worked with this concept for about 7 years, […]

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    Know them, grow them, involve them!

    What is it with employee engagement? Everyday employees walk into their workplace or your business and decide if they will give that extra discretionary effort or not.  Are these people really engaged?  Many recent surveys tell us they are not.  If you count the number of hours an individual spends at work it is a […]

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    Team coaching – does it work?

    I am just coming to the end of an 18 month project delivering team coaching, which apparently is on the rise.  Clutterbuck refers to it as ‘helping the team improve performance’ as opposed to coaching just one individual, so by default the impact will be that much greater.  In the organisation I’ve been visiting, the […]

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    Difference between coaching and mentoring

    Last week I ran a workshop on coaching and mentoring, the last in a series of three and a great bunch of people came together to think about some of the similarities and differences of these two roles and how they are used in organisations.  In essence a mentor is someone who ‘has been there, […]

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