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  • Change programmes and more

    Over the last year increasing numbers of our clients have realised that they need to radically improve how they work, and a Change Programme is a great way to get results.   We also run Employee Engagement Programmes that enthuse and empower people so they can work with renewed energy and skill.

    We create programmes that really focus on what’s important and will deliver the best solution.  Our methods are informed by leading edge change management practices, the best employee engagement techniques, ‘high performance working’ and positive psychology.

    We what do is:

    • Brainstorm all the issues to get to the bottom of what is needed
    • Create fun and interactive workshops for managers
    • Embed change through a variety of different ways, including coaching and action learning
    • Raise levels of interest and engagement
    • Evaluate what’s changed (by discussion or surveys) and measure the results.

    Our programmes enable individuals and companies to take a closer look at how to improve and this year we’ve worked with Housing Associations and Local Councils (to name but a few).  There are options for all budgets.

    “As an organisation a clear target was to enable senior members of the team to develop management skills and areas of expertise, and to develop strategies to improve and raise the profile of clear communication.”

    Sheryn Biggs, IVERS