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  • Managing People in recession

    Some people think we are out of recession but are we?  The last few years have been characterised by a very stop start economy and this has led to businesses having a real rollercoaster experience with their markets, the unusual and the unexpected have been occurring too many times for comfort.  Leaders who are responsible for managing people are struggling too, they are better served if they have already weathered a recession or two but this hasn’t stopped even these individuals making mistakes and having to take corrective action.  It’s interesting the number of company leaders who have been scratching their heads and battening down the hatches, but in doing so they are forgetting the need to communiate strong messages and a compelling vision and without this their people are struggling to motivate themselves day in day out.  Interestingly we also see fantastic examples where this isn’t happening but we’d like to see more of them.

    The great leaders are the ones who regularly put management needs to the background (trusting their superintendents to get it right) and who are talking directly to their employees about the future and where the company is now and where it needs to be in 3 years time.  They are delivering a positive message and they are fighting back.  If this isn’t happening then morale is probably in decline.  So, to remain effective, create a compelling vision, drive through operational excellence now not tomorrow and say thank you to the people who work on the front line of your business because they are finding it tough too.

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